Innovative energy efficiency

An Australian-first digital program helping households save energy.

Reduce Your Juice helps households save money on their energy bills. It transforms the traditional approach to behaviour change into a fun, interactive experience that helps change household energy habits.


Reduce Your Juice began as a trial program in 2015 led by CitySmart in collaboration with the Australian Government.

It has now been run five times and interacted with more than 3,000 Australian households. Further roll-outs are scheduled in 2018 and 2019.

Implementations of the Reduce Your Juice program have included a collaboration with the Queensland Government, energy retailer Ergon and QLD Council of Social Service. Energy retailer AGL has also adopted the program to target its hardship customers.

The challenge

The challenge is to help households save money on their electricity bills by improving their energy efficiency behaviour.


With our research partner Queensland University Of Technology we identified a specific demographic:

* 18-40 years old
* their care factor about the topic of electricity is low
* Their attention span is low
* They are hyperconnected in the digital world – smartphones, social media and the web is the world they live in.

We chose this audience because they are already a substantial portion of the market place and are a growing audience.

Designing the response

This audience is struggling with high power bills but they are easily bored. What to do?

CitySmart and its partners developed a unique behaviour-change program combining gamified elements on a digital platform to help participants implement simple ideas that save money on electricity bills.

Thanks to groundwork laid by customer research, we unlocked the conversation with these customers by combining gamification, fun and good design.

The Reduce Your Juice experience is designed with the user at heart, making every interaction easy and using entertainment to motivate learning and facilitate change. It re-imagines traditional energy efficiency education and delivers it in “bite-sized” portions to suit today’s always-connected, mobile consumer.

Customers playing Reduce Your Juice learn energy efficiency behaviours by stealth – the learning is embedded in the rules of the game.



Mobile games

A series of mobile app games were the core of the program. They virtually engage players in key areas where they can ‘reduce their juice’. The mini-games, ‘Power Raid,’ ‘Temperature Defender’ and ‘Fully Loaded’ help players learn about turning off lights and appliances, heating and cooling, and washing and drying efficiently at home. Participants play each game consecutively for a fortnight to focus their efforts on one area of energy efficiency at a time.


The program is a unique ecosystem of games, a social media community, email, and SMS communications designed to progress users towards their goal of reducing their energy bill. Elements are integrated and ‘gamified’ using principles of game design to make the experience fun and rewarding for participants to learn about energy.


A social media community supports the app games and integrates with the digital communications to create a shared, social experience for participants. The community of ‘juice-reducers’ helps create engagement, assists participants to move through the program, and allows people to share and compare their experiences with their peers.


Reduce Your Juice includes a series of fun ‘Powerhacks’ and ‘Energy Quests’ to provide participants with ‘lifehack’-style activities they can use at home. These practical tips, tricks and ideas help participants think differently about energy efficiency, and easily apply their new knowledge in their lives to save money on their electricity bills. Check out the Ultimate Powerhack Guide.


Never before has saving energy been such a rewarding experience! Reduce Your Juice rewards the accomplishments of participants with a unique mix of gamified and real-life energy efficiency rewards. Participants complete activities and play each game for a minimum of 10 minutes to unlock their energy efficiency reward products and further enhance their energy saving efforts at home.


Awards and recognition

Reduce Your Juice has received the following awards:


National Energy Efficiency Awards 2015

Best Residential Energy Efficiency Project. 



BADC Awards 2015

Representing creative excellence within the Brisbane advertising and design industry.

  • Silver: Mobile Content Advertising – Games Online and Social
  • Bronze: Digital – Innovative use of Digital
  • Bronze: Digital – Visual Design.

Reduce Your Juice has also been awarded and nominated for the following:


CitySmart created Reduce Your Juice in conjunction with research and evaluation partner Queensland University of Technology and consortium partners Energex, Queensland Council of Social Service (QCOSS), The Good Guys, Evolution Marketing and Brisbane City Council.

The Reduce Your Juice pilot program received funding from the Australian Government to trial new and innovative approaches to energy saving.

Reduce Your Juice was brought to life with the help of a fantastic team of project supporters including creative agencies BCM and Big Fish,  Mylestones Printing (Cerebral Palsy League) and BoysTown.

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